Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

The Chamber Ambassadors mission is to assist the Chamber in retaining members. Membership retention gained by connecting, promoting and creating a stronger chamber community.

Ambassadors are important to the Chamber

Your job as an Ambassador is to utilize your skills and provide a communication link between our membership and the Chamber and between our community and the Chamber.

As an Ambassador, your role includes mentoring new Chamber members, promoting membership, encouraging participation in Chamber functions, greeting members at events, volunteer, participation, and support of various programs and projects evolving in and around the business community.

The Chamber’s credibility is closely linked to your credibility as an Ambassador. It is very important that you carry out your Ambassador responsibilities in a professional manner.


The Ambassador Committee is composed of 15-30 active member volunteers who donate 3-5 hours per month toward various Chamber activities. Ideally, this would be a 2-year commitment.


Responsibilities & Duties

Professional Benefits

Through your participation in the Ambassador program you will enhance your career through strategic networking. Your community knowledge will grow. While attending events, volunteering, you are increasing your visibility of both yourself and your business, potentially expanding your own client base.

Awards & Recognition

In addition to achieving greater business visibility and credibility within the community, Ambassadors who have excellent contributions to the Chamber are eligible for each Ambassador of the Month Award and the Ambassador of the Year Appreciation Award. We will celebrate YOU and recognize your contribution in our eNews and social media platforms.

Get Involved!

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If you are interested in the Ambassador Program, please contact the Hermantown Area Chamber by phone at 218.729.6843 or email at