What happens in City Hall, in St. Paul or in Washington can have an immediate impact on your business and on the areas economy. The Chamber is your voice – advocating for the policies that foster economic growth, jobs and new opportunities for your organization.

We support businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Whether it’s workforce development, tax competitiveness, healthcare reform or economic development, we’re engaged in every step of the legislative process to ensure that your voice is heard.

Resolutions of Support

Position on:  City of Hermantown Stormwater Utility Fee — The Chamber Board of Directors passed a resolution opposing the fee.  The official statement will be posted shortly.  In the interim, please read this article in the Duluth News Tribune for more information about the issue.

Position on: Passenger Facilities Charge (PFC)

Position on: Tipped Employee Tier

Position on: WLSSD CHP Project


Economic Benchmarks

The Minnesota Business Benchmarks is a collection of key economic indicators that measure Minnesota’s competitiveness and health of our economy.

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